Hellbender Magnum Downrigger™

Hellbender Magnum Downrigger

Catching deepwater fish for more than 50 years

The famous Hellbender began making its way into anglers´ tackle boxes in the late 1950s. Over the years, Hellbenders have held many state and world records for most freshwater species. The unique heart-shaped diving lip design gives it the most tempting wide wobbling action. Its big-lip design also makes it dive quick and deep, and allows it to flip easily over most structure. The consummate lure for fishing steep banks and drop-offs – down to at least 35 feet on a long flat-line troll. The Hellbender Downrigger (hook-less) model is known as the “poor man´s downrigger.” When trolling the angler´s favorite trolling lure tied on 10 to 20 feet behind a Downrigger Hellbender, it will take the lure down to over 75 feet.

Model Name Inches CM Ounces Grams Hooks
W08 Magnum 5.5″ 13.97 cm _ oz 24.5g #1
W08 Magnum Downrigger 5.5″ 13.97 cm _ oz 24.5g N/A

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